Hardship or Financial Difficulty

Helping us engage with you

Hardship or Financial Difficulty

Hardship or financial difficulty.  Helping us engage with you. 

If you are experiencing Hardship or financial difficulty, you’re not alone.  We understand that at times, paying your bill on time may not be feasible right now, and if you’re seeing yourself get further and further in to arrears, it’s important to know that we’re here to help you.  This is the most important time to engage with us so that we can support you and your circumstances.
Our approach is based on our Code of Practice.  We’re here to support you through the difficult times. If you’re experiencing financial difficulty or hardship, we can help, but it’s important to let us know. Our trained Support staff can assist you in working out plans that suit you.  But the important thing is that you keep in touch. 

We may be able to offer payment plans for existing arrears, for between 4 and 12 weeks, or longer if needed and we’ll take into consideration your needs and your ability to pay.

Worried about speaking to our support staff? We understand that sometimes it’s better to talk to a 3rd party first.  We support this and encourage any and all customers who feel that they might be experiencing hardship or financial difficulty, to reach out to the wonderful people at MABS.

https://mabs.ie/  The trained team at MABS can help with customers who are experiencing hardship or financial difficulty.  They can help you get back on track and they can talk to us on your behalf if you like.   They’ll be able to work with you on your current circumstances and can work with you and us so that we all engage and work together.

This helps ensure that customers avoid long term debt and ultimately disconnections which no one wants. Our aim is to engage with customers so that this doesn’t happen.   We can help when you engage with us and we’re here to keep the lines of communication open.

Are you a Vulnerable Customer?  Be sure to let us know, as we can tailer our approach to you.

Read our Code of Practice for Vulnerable Customers, and if you can identify or you feel that you should let us know, we’ll review your situation and ensure that you’re supported.


Changing your energy usage.  Whether you’re finding yourself in arrears or just conscious about how much power you’re using, head to https://www.seai.ie/home-energy/energy-saving-tips/  to see how you can help lower the cost of your bills.



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